Monday, June 20, 2005

Pain. . .

Bad, bad headache today. I've actually been working on it since Friday, when I developed a serious crick in my neck. It has caught up with me in no uncertain terms today.
We'll be leaving for Richmond Thursday morning. I'm taking along 3 knitting projects, because I don't know what mood will hit me there. Socks, a pullover and a shrug. I'd like to start on one of them --- maybe the socks --- but I'm trying to stay focused on the two scarves on the needles. The Chain Link one is coming along nicely. I wonder exactly how it's going to wear, but it is a spectacularly wonderful idea. The fingering yarn scarf is just random stripes, and I'll work it until I'm com-pletely out of enough colors to make a noticeable difference. It very well may wind up Steven Tyler length.

Also need to choose a project for Knitting the Classics. Since the book is Wives and Daughters, I thought about something for Hannah and me. Matching shawls, maybe. Muffs seem time-appropriate. Snoods would be right on target, but there turn up those obscene circular needles. The reading doesn't actually begin until July, so I have time yet.
'Scuse me while I find an ice pack. . .


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