Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Loose Ends

Trying very hard to finish the fingering scarf before we take off for Virginia. I'm almost out of the pale yarns (baby pink, light yellow), so the stripes are beginning to be mostly grays and whites. The pattern is from Knitter's, and, instead of working in your loose ends, you leave them exposed on the scarf's right side, to give the effect of all-over fringing. Loads less work, as you can imagine. I've made a couple before, and like both the look and the minimized effort.

The chain scarf is probably long enough to wear smartly now, but I think I'll go on until I've used all of both yarns. They go so well together, and I can't think of another project where I could use what will be left of them. It will likely be Steven Tyler length as well.

Do I get royalties from just mentioning a songwriter?


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