Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I wore the Miracle Shrug yesterday, and got positive comments everywhere I went. The only miscalculation was, I wore it with a sleeveless dress, and I had to keep tugging at the upper arms to close the "skin gap." I'm reblocking it to avoid that problem next time. But it really looks good --- the long, long ruffled sleeves are great.
Still working on the chain loop scarf, plus I'm making one with fingering yarn. It's time to choose a third project. I'm off school today and tomorrow, then have my Final Friday. And then, I am free.
Feeling hopeless, because 3 major economic disasters have befallen us in the last couple of weeks: dead refrigerator, upstairs air conditioning unit must be replaced, tires on car had to be replaced pronto to insure a safe trip to Virginia next week.
Why, when we start to make some fun plans, like a trip to Broadway, do the Fates sneak up behind us whispering, "Not so fast. . "?


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