Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back Home Again in Athens, Georgia

Whew!! Mechanicsville, Virginia is a long way from here! We made it in one drive on Friday, but had to split things up coming back. All of us stayed up late laughing and playing cards or board games, and the body was just not able to make an 8+ hour drive on the return.

I finished one of the socks while there, and they will be given to the daughter of our hosts. She took great interest in what I was doing --- she always watches when I knit around her --- and I just thought it was the thing to do. She gave me a blue boa which she had "crocheted" with her fingers; I wore it when we all went to their Barnes & Noble. She seemed quite proud.

Did not make it into Richmond to the yarn shops, but did pick up a couple of pattern books at B&N which I've never seen here. I finished the second sock last night, so will be picking out new projects soon.

After catching up on sleep, laundry and grocery shopping. . .


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