Thursday, June 30, 2005

Unbearable Weight

I am well aware that worsted is the backbone of the yarn industry. Truly, I am. But right now, I am sick of worsted weight.

I am to the point in my stash where all the "good," "interesting" stuff has been devoured, with little chance of "good," "interesting" re-stocking on the horizon. Which means that I am having to fit what yarn I have to what I'm interested in knitting right now, and worsted isn't working for anything I'm in the mood to make!!

I do have a leftover ball of the sock yarn I used in Virginia, so I can make myself a pair of socks. Other than that, it's just about down to mittens.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back Home Again in Athens, Georgia

Whew!! Mechanicsville, Virginia is a long way from here! We made it in one drive on Friday, but had to split things up coming back. All of us stayed up late laughing and playing cards or board games, and the body was just not able to make an 8+ hour drive on the return.

I finished one of the socks while there, and they will be given to the daughter of our hosts. She took great interest in what I was doing --- she always watches when I knit around her --- and I just thought it was the thing to do. She gave me a blue boa which she had "crocheted" with her fingers; I wore it when we all went to their Barnes & Noble. She seemed quite proud.

Did not make it into Richmond to the yarn shops, but did pick up a couple of pattern books at B&N which I've never seen here. I finished the second sock last night, so will be picking out new projects soon.

After catching up on sleep, laundry and grocery shopping. . .

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Feeling anxious about leaving tomorrow, just because it's a long drive I've never made before. Children are ramped up; ready to see their friends.
I did finish the fingering scarf last night, and cast on a sock today. I'm using self-striping yarn, and my rick-rack ribbing isn't standing out as it would on a solid color. Still, I wanted to do something besides just standard rib.

Scoped out a couple of Richmond yarn shops online last night; don't know if I'll even have a ghost of a chance to get to one, but I printed out the addresses just in case!
We'll be back no later than Monday. Will be back with you then.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Loose Ends

Trying very hard to finish the fingering scarf before we take off for Virginia. I'm almost out of the pale yarns (baby pink, light yellow), so the stripes are beginning to be mostly grays and whites. The pattern is from Knitter's, and, instead of working in your loose ends, you leave them exposed on the scarf's right side, to give the effect of all-over fringing. Loads less work, as you can imagine. I've made a couple before, and like both the look and the minimized effort.

The chain scarf is probably long enough to wear smartly now, but I think I'll go on until I've used all of both yarns. They go so well together, and I can't think of another project where I could use what will be left of them. It will likely be Steven Tyler length as well.

Do I get royalties from just mentioning a songwriter?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Pain. . .

Bad, bad headache today. I've actually been working on it since Friday, when I developed a serious crick in my neck. It has caught up with me in no uncertain terms today.
We'll be leaving for Richmond Thursday morning. I'm taking along 3 knitting projects, because I don't know what mood will hit me there. Socks, a pullover and a shrug. I'd like to start on one of them --- maybe the socks --- but I'm trying to stay focused on the two scarves on the needles. The Chain Link one is coming along nicely. I wonder exactly how it's going to wear, but it is a spectacularly wonderful idea. The fingering yarn scarf is just random stripes, and I'll work it until I'm com-pletely out of enough colors to make a noticeable difference. It very well may wind up Steven Tyler length.

Also need to choose a project for Knitting the Classics. Since the book is Wives and Daughters, I thought about something for Hannah and me. Matching shawls, maybe. Muffs seem time-appropriate. Snoods would be right on target, but there turn up those obscene circular needles. The reading doesn't actually begin until July, so I have time yet.
'Scuse me while I find an ice pack. . .

Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy Hannahday!

The above is for my daughter, Hannah, whom it was my honor to have brought into the world 13 years ago today.

Hannah loves anime and manga and Pocky and country music and animals and drawing and wants me to stop talking while I type because she's trying to read. . .

Happy Birthday, Hannah! We LOVE you!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I wore the Miracle Shrug yesterday, and got positive comments everywhere I went. The only miscalculation was, I wore it with a sleeveless dress, and I had to keep tugging at the upper arms to close the "skin gap." I'm reblocking it to avoid that problem next time. But it really looks good --- the long, long ruffled sleeves are great.
Still working on the chain loop scarf, plus I'm making one with fingering yarn. It's time to choose a third project. I'm off school today and tomorrow, then have my Final Friday. And then, I am free.
Feeling hopeless, because 3 major economic disasters have befallen us in the last couple of weeks: dead refrigerator, upstairs air conditioning unit must be replaced, tires on car had to be replaced pronto to insure a safe trip to Virginia next week.
Why, when we start to make some fun plans, like a trip to Broadway, do the Fates sneak up behind us whispering, "Not so fast. . "?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

This shrug I am knitting with the old yarn is turning into a miracle garment. Where the pattern, as I have mentioned, called for 10 ounces of yarn, I have used 3 full balls of the old stuff, and am easily 75% finished. Seriously --- one extra-long sleeve, the back, and the second sleeve already down to the elbow. I'll be through, using only 4 balls that are clearly marked "1 ounce" each. Good old days, indeed!!

I'm also working on a fantastically simple idea for a scarf: knit loops, then strand them together like the old paper chains we used to make in elementary school. How obvious!?! Unfortunately, it isn't my original idea; I got it from a new book called Loop-d-loop. I'm making it in alternating links of gold and autumn variegated.

And I'm making a pair of mittens. Black openwork ribs and gray bodies. Hannah asked for them when she saw the first one finished last night.

Almost through with school. Two more teaching days, then the Final. A few days later, we're off to Virginia. I have to have my friend scout possible yarn shops in the Richmond area. . .

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

About the Lion

I had someone ask me about the Lion Brand lion on the title page for handeye. Do I use Lion Brand yarn?

Well, yes, but not exclusively. The picture is there because I adore lions. Collect them. In my bedroom are 5 wicker baskets full of plush ones, and I am always on the lookout for more. Lion and lamb figures. Lion and lamb Christmas cards. Lion figurines. Anything with a lion on it is fair game.

So, the picture is not an advertisement, per se. But Lion Brand does make some nice yarns; don't get me wrong.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ten Things to Know About Me as a Knitter

1. I cannot knit on double-pointed needles. (My daughter can.)
2. I prefer not to knit on circulars.
3. When shopping for yarn, I always look at purples first. I really like tweeds
as well. If I'm going through reds and oranges, I'm desperate.
4. I like to use texture in solid colors rather than knit with lots of seperate
5. My first project was a mustard-colored vest with seed stitch bands and
6. I am a pattern junkie. Probably in need of intervention.
7. It is almost impossible for me to throw away leftover yarn. (Hey, stripes
don't take much. Neither do Barbie hats.)
8. I completely let go of the right needle when I knit --- no matter what the
stitch. (Which may have something to do with my dpn problem.)
9. I can knit laying down. Not for long, but I can do it.
10. I wish I were knitting right now!!!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Calling It A Day

Last night, I made the Executive Decision that today would be Wives and Daughters Day. Meaning, I would knit my Knit the Classics wrap primarily, if not exclusively, and that I would finish the book.

I was going gangbusters on the knitting, managing several rows during "Live with Regis & Kelly" this morning, and many more during "Celebrity Poker Showdown" this afternoon. In between, I had read to within one chapter of the end of the book.

Yeah, I was getting cocky.

Then the mail came.

And in it, the new KnitPicks catalog.

I was a goner.

Sister knitters will likely tell you that, next to being in front of actual yarn in an actual shop, there is little that can compare to sitting and poring over pictures of yarn in a catalog. KnitPicks and Patternworks absolutely make any and every day on which they arrive. And today waat 2:53 pm on June 1, weighing in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches.

Both Sage and Cyndy are doing great, albeit a wee bit tired and a tad hungry. :)

Three cheers for parenthood and childhood! Hope this note finds you all well.

Love, Cyndy, Rich & Sage