Monday, May 09, 2005

What Next

So I take the uncooperative computer (I think "dying" is actually more appropriate, but let's not be morbid just yet) to be repaired Saturday afternoon. By Saturday night, we have it back, but cannot access the Internet. No problem --- maybe it just needs an adjustment period; we'll try again Sunday.

Sunday. No Internet. No task bar, no icons --- which is what I took it in for on Saturday. Anxiety and frustration past rising now. Risen. Of course, nothing opens until well after lunch on Sundays, and we have already planned to spend the afternoon at the movies. Which means the machine can't go back into the shop until today. After I finish class. Which means son's book report, due today, had to be handwritten. Son's handwriting borders on cryptic code. Mother must have said report dictated to her and then write it herself.

I am back at one of the school's computers for this entry. I do not know what the deal is, nor what it is going to be. I'd put in the descriptions for the new photos from here, but I don't know the Web address for the site provider; it's bookmarked on my home machine.

The movie we saw yesterday was "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

I feel very much like Marvin.


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