Thursday, March 31, 2005

An Old Standby

After the last couple of days of sheer frustration, I turned to a recent friend: socks. Began a pair last night, and am almost through with the first one. Don't know why socks have become a comfort zone for me of late, but I really do enjoy knitting them right now. Even though I knit them flat.

I have also been busy photo-wise. Spent a nice while yesterday afternoon taking pictures of some of my things, hoping beyond hope that I will one day have a current website again. Heather and I have been in touch, and trying to work out a work day, but things keep falling apart whenever we get near a plan. All pages can, and probably will, be gutted, save for the Barbie one, as it's still pretty current. But so many of the hats and scarves are gone that starting over is the only option.

On my other blog, I successfully downloaded a photo the other day. The sense of accomplishment was amazing!! Of course, the picture already existed on the Web, and wasn't hidden on a photo memory card, but still. . .


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