Thursday, March 31, 2005

An Old Standby

After the last couple of days of sheer frustration, I turned to a recent friend: socks. Began a pair last night, and am almost through with the first one. Don't know why socks have become a comfort zone for me of late, but I really do enjoy knitting them right now. Even though I knit them flat.

I have also been busy photo-wise. Spent a nice while yesterday afternoon taking pictures of some of my things, hoping beyond hope that I will one day have a current website again. Heather and I have been in touch, and trying to work out a work day, but things keep falling apart whenever we get near a plan. All pages can, and probably will, be gutted, save for the Barbie one, as it's still pretty current. But so many of the hats and scarves are gone that starting over is the only option.

On my other blog, I successfully downloaded a photo the other day. The sense of accomplishment was amazing!! Of course, the picture already existed on the Web, and wasn't hidden on a photo memory card, but still. . .

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bad Ripping Spell

I've been trying to knit the last couple of days, and having very little luck. I've hit one of those patches where I cast on, get several rows done, decide I don't like how the thing looks, and unravel. And I've unravelled at least 3 projects in the last couple of days, which is maddening. Will I find something that I want to knit and that will look like I want it to?

Stay tuned. . .

Friday, March 25, 2005

My children, not surprisingly, both asked for Easter gifts which could only be bought at a bookstore. Took Daughter to Borders yesterday, and found a wonderful new knitting book: Handknit Style. Pricier than I would have liked, but some really impressive takes on ponchos and pullovers; I couldn't resist.

Then Son to Barnes & Noble today, and, finally, the new Vogue Knitting is on the stands. So now I have all these potential projects. Which means I'll have to go on a yarn spree before too much longer.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Two Sticks

Creating something while having to control two sticks should be more difficult than while having to control one, correct? I mean, just logically. Then why can't I get the hang of crochet? I can crochet --- if you want a shoelace or something like that. But a garment? Or even a lap throw out of leftover yarn? Forget it!! For some reason, I cannot, for the life of me, keep up with a crochet stitch count. And I've tried. Believe me, I've tried. There are two "afghans" in this house which I've made using lengths of yarn left from knitting projects. Depending on how you hold them, they start out wide and finish narrow, or start out narrow and finish wide. A-line skirts are what I can crochet.

I shouldn't rant, really. I prefer the look of knitting to the look of crocheting 98% of the time. But it would be nice to know that I could do it.

On the needles now: scarf, poncho, cardigan. All, I suspect, for myself. Though at this point, the cardigan looks a mite snuggish.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Should I Gut?

What if I just tank all the website as it is, and replace it with stuff I can keep up? Word descriptions only, offering photos when people ask for them? It isn't the kind of site I'd have too much interest in, but the one I have now isn't either.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Oh, So Close

Dear, glorious Heather has promised to drop in and help me with updating the site when she returns from San Diego. (I will by-pass the obvious opportunity to moan about other people having lives and adventures while I sit here doing nothing. . .) In the meantime, I have unearthed the CD which came with my digital camera, and might --- dare I say it --- be able to figure out how to post photos myself. I always get so frustrated when I keep checking back at a site I like and finding the same old things there. So I am ashamed at falling into that trap here.

I have finished a pair of socks for myself in the last couple of days, as well as a little triangular wrap. The former made with Magic Stripes, the latter with som gorgeous black with pastel "confetti" flecks I bought at Threaded Bliss the last time we were home. I cast on a neckwarmer last night (again for me, and again with more Threaded Bliss yarn), and will, sometime today, choose another project. I've added to the handeye stock with hats and scarves and mitts and Barbie things, but this seems to be the time of year that's going to lend itself to knitting things for me and mine.