Saturday, February 05, 2005

Rotten Week

Not a thing has gone well this week. Both children sick. Students griping, not attending, not listening when they do. New printer (because old one was shorted out) will not work properly no matter what I try. Mother pledges new contacts and glasses as birthday present; turns out they need to be bifocals. Son loses binder containing all his work in one class. Just a stinking, rotten, miserable stretch of days.

The yarn I ordered did come in, and it is very nice. I have been doing a lot of knitting, because I don't have the energy or motivation to do much else. Finished my red scarf this morning. Made a pair of unspeakably adorable baby knee socks with the leftover yarn from my "Surprise argyles." Will today choose two new projects.

The blue sweater waits. Just waits.


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