Monday, February 14, 2005

Only my son was in "Chicago," but we were all slaves to the schedule. Which is my reason for not blogging sooner.

The run is now over --- four shows in four days, two with the male lead seriously ailing, one with one of the female leads sick. But everyone soldiered on, and it really was very entertaining. As usual, my daughter and I sat in our back left corner seats on Opening Night, and I knit. That is what we did the first Opening Night my son ever had, that show went well, and we've done it ever since. (Though I've since read somewhere that knitting in a theater on openings is supposed to bring good luck.)

The full back cover of the programs was my handeye ad --- I'm not expecting sales, but it was pretty cool seeing so many people walking around with my information!

On the needles: a scarf (what I was working on in the theater) and Still The Blue Sweater. I need to choose a third project now that time is getting back to normal. . .


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