Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Getting Tired

I am beginning to get weary of the blue sweater. It's just hanging around, not getting finished, and it's boring. All stockinette, which should be extremely easy (as in mindless.) But I had to unravel most of the back (or front, as I've said earlier) because I had dropped a stitch too far back to pick up. That may have been the beginning of the bloom coming off the rose.

I've finished a scarf, the shoulderette and three hats while the sweater languishes. And I've got a yarn order coming soon, which will put it further back on the stove. But I'll get it done one day, and, watch, it will be one of my favorite things of all times.

Still waiting for Heather to visit. We'll get this thing up-to-date. Promise.


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