Friday, February 18, 2005

Down to An Arm

Yes, all that remains of the Blue Sweater is one sleeve. Well, then putting it together and picking up the collar, but, really, I think I deserve loads of credit for being this close!

I've finished a couple of scarves this week; the one I was knitting during "Chicago," and one more. And I've finished half of a pair of mittens. Pretty good doings, considering daughter was down with flu/sore throat misery for 3 days, and has now graciously passed it on to me. Nothing beckons like the comfy bed right now, just to rest and try to breathe, and not have to swallow or talk. . . But, Real Life doesn't work that way.

I now know how to print photos from my digital camera's memory card. Is it too much to hope for that I can figure out how to download (upload?) photos here? The first one will almost have to be TBS --- don't you think?


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