Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Well, my freedom ends today. Classes resume tomorrow, and I guess the academic goddesses heard my moaning about the hour between sections: the 12:30 class has been cancelled. I'm assuming due to low enrollment (9), but I don't know for sure. The 10:30 section has 36 people in it.

Went to campus this morning to find my room (new building and all) and run of copies of my syllabus. Neither got me in the mood to re-start. And now that my pay will be half as much, I can't say that I'm overcome with energy. But it will happen in the morning, when I meet everyone. Always does.

Whiled away part of today with a nap --- first in a long time. Still working on the vest and the scarf, though I've stacked up patterns to go through for that third project I always like to have. Looking for my first installment of the Yarn of the Month club, something I joined during the holidays. Each month, a sample (or samples?) of yarn come, along with information on where/how to buy them. Sounds like fun. . .

Wicked bad luck with setting up a second blog. Got the idea before Christmas, but spent many days struggling with a name. Finally came up with one. May try again today or tomorrow. I had an address here earlier, but wiped it out when the pages of the first attempt disappeared. Seems like I had similar troubles here at first, though. And look at us now!


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