Monday, January 10, 2005

Well, I'm working toward updating the site; Heather, though ill at the moment, has promised to come by as soon as she is infection-free, and we can get things moving again.

I've finished two earflap hats, one with more a two-piece scarf attached than two flaps. Very cute, in bulky-weight yarns I bought from My Threaded Bliss, whose link was appearing in the upper right corner here. Also got a long scarf finished, and started on another scarf yesterday. Finished the back of the vest, too. Both before I sliced my right ring finger knuckle when a class I was washing broke in my hand. The bandage makes bending difficult, which, in turn, makes knitting awkward and writing almost impossible. And I've a few letters to catch up on!

Trying not to let the grade uproar at work bother me, but it is. I can feel it eating at me as soon as I bring it to mind. So, I'll read Tatum O'Neal's book, which I don't need an operative knuckle for, to keep myself distracted.


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