Friday, January 14, 2005

Pushing the Bell Curve Aside. . .

I am going about my days as though I have no jaw-clenching, teeth-grinding problems.

As I know my "selling season" is virtually over, I am settling in now to knit things for myself. The ribbed vest that I have talked about here won't be for me; it will be on the market "one day." But I am making myself a medium-blue pullover with collar, and have pulled out my folder of cardigan and pullover patterns for the foreseeable projects. Not that I've given up on hats and scarves entirely, but it's nice to know I can slow down and devote time to larger things.

This morning, since I have the time this quarter, I knit for quite a while before leaving, while watching the best parts of "Truly, Madly Deeply." There are scenes where Rickman is, alternately, so funny and so touching and so lovely. I also, while I was putting in my contacts and finishing dressing, got through his first couple of scenes in "Dogma." His accent there is wonderful.

Long weekend, but not particularly restful. Son has rehearsal commitments today, tomorrow and Monday, daughter has doctor's appointment Monday. We'll make the most of it.


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