Friday, January 28, 2005


The socks turned out wonderfully, with almost an entire skein of yarn left! I'm tempted to make another pair, but know I'd just come t-h-i-s close to getting the second one done before the yarn would end.

Shoulderette done. Cute little thing. Not for me, at my age and, uh, body type. Eyes wouldn't go to the right place. But cute.

Two hats completed in the last two days. Again, neither for me. Just projects.

Still got the blue sweater on the needles. Going very slowly on it. But, as it is for me, I needn't rush. Also working on a red heather wool scarf for myself. And just got through with one mitten, and the ribbing for the second.

All this while watching an ice storm move toward us. We should be socked in all day tomorrow, then be OK on Sunday. I've got test papers to grade while we wait. And hard cold is such good sleeping weather. . .

I've been in touch with Heather; hopefully we'll get this site updated before too terribly long. I'm especially curious as to why text changes won't show up. I've rewritten the main page 3 times, and the original is still in place.

C'est la blog. . .


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