Saturday, January 08, 2005

Back On Track, Or in a Rut?

Two days of school behind me now. Nice new, technologically advanced room. Don't know what all the buttons are for yet. The best thing is that the back wall (which I face) is painted a lovely shade of purple.

And knitting-wise, all of a sudden, I have two completed projects by my bed: a scarf and an earflp hat. I started a terrific capelet last night, was almost halfway through when I ran out of room on the needles. Don't have any circulars that size. So, I moved on to another hat. Still plowing ahead on the vest. It's all in ribbing, which gets boring after a while. But I'll get it done eventually.

Oh, and the other blog is up. It's If I could only figure out how to add links and buttons and photos, things would be so much better. Blog-wise. The life --- at least the teaching part of it --- leaves lots to be desired.


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