Friday, January 28, 2005


The socks turned out wonderfully, with almost an entire skein of yarn left! I'm tempted to make another pair, but know I'd just come t-h-i-s close to getting the second one done before the yarn would end.

Shoulderette done. Cute little thing. Not for me, at my age and, uh, body type. Eyes wouldn't go to the right place. But cute.

Two hats completed in the last two days. Again, neither for me. Just projects.

Still got the blue sweater on the needles. Going very slowly on it. But, as it is for me, I needn't rush. Also working on a red heather wool scarf for myself. And just got through with one mitten, and the ribbing for the second.

All this while watching an ice storm move toward us. We should be socked in all day tomorrow, then be OK on Sunday. I've got test papers to grade while we wait. And hard cold is such good sleeping weather. . .

I've been in touch with Heather; hopefully we'll get this site updated before too terribly long. I'm especially curious as to why text changes won't show up. I've rewritten the main page 3 times, and the original is still in place.

C'est la blog. . .

Friday, January 21, 2005

Imagine If I Could Use Double-Points. . .

I am having such a good time knitting these socks. . . The foot didn't produce the argyle pattern that came out on the ribbing, but it's still been fun to do. I've started on the second one today, but haven't gone far enough to see if I'll get the diamonds or not.

I'm probably about halfway through the shoulderette, and three-quarters finished with the first sleeve of the blue sweater. But the socks are the most fun, and getting the most attention.

There haven't been any sales for handeye since before Christmas. I do have a student asking about a dog sweater for a tiny Chihuahua; I'm waiting for the measurements. If my teaching job does bottom out, there's no way I could feed us off knitting.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Started a pair of socks last night, and the most terrific thing happened. Instead of random striping, I got a perfect argyle pattern in the rib! It's so pretty. . . And I'm having a lot of fun with them. No dpn's, though. Just plain ol' flat knitting with seaming at the end.

I'll let you know how the pattern develops. . .

Sunday, January 16, 2005


The ribbed vest? History. I'm not one for ribbing forever anyway, but. . . I thought I was making good progress --- I finished the left front today. And yet, when I held it up against the back, I wasn't happy with the way it looked. Something about the way the shoulder sloped into the armhole or something. . . ANYway, I unraveled it all. Time to move on. One thing about me --- if I get bored with a project at any point, it is doomed.

I did finish the back (or front, doesn't matter with this pattern) of the blue sweater this afternoon. I'm making really god progress on the light blue scarf. And I think I'm going to use some of the Threaded Bliss yarn to make a little shoulderette. Still have one more day off, due to Dr. King's birthday tomorrow, so I should get a good bit done. I'm about in the mood to tackle a pair of socks, but I'll have to finish one of these things first.

Oh --- I got my first Yarn of the Month samples the other day. Just enought of 4 yarns to make 4 Barbie things. I've done two capelets and a hat. Still working on what to use the fourth sample for. It's a bulky weight; probably a wrap or something. One of the yarns was Debbie Bliss' Denim, which was really nice to work with. One was soy silk, which wasn't really my cup of tea. But that's the point of sampling, right?

Friday, January 14, 2005

Pushing the Bell Curve Aside. . .

I am going about my days as though I have no jaw-clenching, teeth-grinding problems.

As I know my "selling season" is virtually over, I am settling in now to knit things for myself. The ribbed vest that I have talked about here won't be for me; it will be on the market "one day." But I am making myself a medium-blue pullover with collar, and have pulled out my folder of cardigan and pullover patterns for the foreseeable projects. Not that I've given up on hats and scarves entirely, but it's nice to know I can slow down and devote time to larger things.

This morning, since I have the time this quarter, I knit for quite a while before leaving, while watching the best parts of "Truly, Madly Deeply." There are scenes where Rickman is, alternately, so funny and so touching and so lovely. I also, while I was putting in my contacts and finishing dressing, got through his first couple of scenes in "Dogma." His accent there is wonderful.

Long weekend, but not particularly restful. Son has rehearsal commitments today, tomorrow and Monday, daughter has doctor's appointment Monday. We'll make the most of it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Why, Why, Why?

Why are the catalogs coming with beautiful yarns at wonderful prices when I cannot afford anything at all?? It is desperately unfair. With my teaching load cut in half, my paycheck shrinks accordingly, and extra money doesn't really exist. And the yarns are so pretty. . .

Thankfully, I still have some of what I bought at My Threaded Bliss left. I can make some socks, probably a baby hat, and the shawl I had in mind when I chose the skeins.

But the new ponchos and the sweaters are so pretty. . .

Monday, January 10, 2005

Well, I'm working toward updating the site; Heather, though ill at the moment, has promised to come by as soon as she is infection-free, and we can get things moving again.

I've finished two earflap hats, one with more a two-piece scarf attached than two flaps. Very cute, in bulky-weight yarns I bought from My Threaded Bliss, whose link was appearing in the upper right corner here. Also got a long scarf finished, and started on another scarf yesterday. Finished the back of the vest, too. Both before I sliced my right ring finger knuckle when a class I was washing broke in my hand. The bandage makes bending difficult, which, in turn, makes knitting awkward and writing almost impossible. And I've a few letters to catch up on!

Trying not to let the grade uproar at work bother me, but it is. I can feel it eating at me as soon as I bring it to mind. So, I'll read Tatum O'Neal's book, which I don't need an operative knuckle for, to keep myself distracted.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Back On Track, Or in a Rut?

Two days of school behind me now. Nice new, technologically advanced room. Don't know what all the buttons are for yet. The best thing is that the back wall (which I face) is painted a lovely shade of purple.

And knitting-wise, all of a sudden, I have two completed projects by my bed: a scarf and an earflp hat. I started a terrific capelet last night, was almost halfway through when I ran out of room on the needles. Don't have any circulars that size. So, I moved on to another hat. Still plowing ahead on the vest. It's all in ribbing, which gets boring after a while. But I'll get it done eventually.

Oh, and the other blog is up. It's If I could only figure out how to add links and buttons and photos, things would be so much better. Blog-wise. The life --- at least the teaching part of it --- leaves lots to be desired.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Well, my freedom ends today. Classes resume tomorrow, and I guess the academic goddesses heard my moaning about the hour between sections: the 12:30 class has been cancelled. I'm assuming due to low enrollment (9), but I don't know for sure. The 10:30 section has 36 people in it.

Went to campus this morning to find my room (new building and all) and run of copies of my syllabus. Neither got me in the mood to re-start. And now that my pay will be half as much, I can't say that I'm overcome with energy. But it will happen in the morning, when I meet everyone. Always does.

Whiled away part of today with a nap --- first in a long time. Still working on the vest and the scarf, though I've stacked up patterns to go through for that third project I always like to have. Looking for my first installment of the Yarn of the Month club, something I joined during the holidays. Each month, a sample (or samples?) of yarn come, along with information on where/how to buy them. Sounds like fun. . .

Wicked bad luck with setting up a second blog. Got the idea before Christmas, but spent many days struggling with a name. Finally came up with one. May try again today or tomorrow. I had an address here earlier, but wiped it out when the pages of the first attempt disappeared. Seems like I had similar troubles here at first, though. And look at us now!

Sunday, January 02, 2005


We have returned from holiday travels, retrieved all pets, and are now unwinding at home. Nice trip, save for 2+ days fretting over my car being in the shop. (About 30 minutes away from Mama's, the "Check Engine" light came on. Had to replace the catalytic converter.) But while we were in Nashville, I got to see Shari and Lisa, and we got some top-notch shopping done. Special purchases at My Threaded Bliss, a yarn shop not 5 minutes from the house. The owner is a former Athens resident who always wants to get the latest news from us. The shop dog is a gorgeous Border Collie named Rudy, the bridge of whose nose smells like grape jelly. (I kid you not!!)