Wednesday, December 01, 2004

This blog is the only portion of my website which I can seem to keep up-to-date. Despite repeated efforts to add content to my handeye homepage, my message about absent photographs just will not show up. See, I still don't know how to post photos myself, Heather, while extremely amenable, shouldn't be at my beck-and-call every time I sell a hat. So, the pages are way behind --- lots of things have been sold, but the pictures haven't been replaced. Surely folks will know to just e-mail me if they want something, right? I am trying to keep an accurate count of how many of what is available in each category.

There are moments when I wish I hadn't started this. Then someone will say how much they like wearing the scarf they got from me, or how they're often complimented on it. . . And it's alright.

I do have several mittens ornaments finished, and, the other night, I knit a mini-sweater ornament while watching "Judgment at Nuremberg." Well, the ornament and a hat. I was particularly focused and productive that evening.


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