Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sunday and Shari. And Michael.

Don't know why I tend to blog on Sundays. Guess it's something about the quiet inherent in the day. I'm really no more reflective; in fact, most Sundays find me dreading the beginning of another rut week. But today, there is no such foreboding, as all the Deans have been released from academic shackles, and can look forward to no schedules, no formats, nothing but the glorious anticipation of Christmas!

I am particularly happy today because I just received an e-mail from one of my 2 best friends. (Grammatically incorrect, I realize, but the truth.) Shari and I met in junior high school, and I am just crazy about her. She has always been a heroine of mine, along with a fellow Harpo-phile. She and her family have moved quite a bit since we graduated; they are now in Pennsylvania. The great news is that she and I will be in Nashville at the same time over the holidays, and might be able to meet up somewhere. There really is no way for anyone to know how important she has been in my life, and how very much I love her. She and Michael, whom I met in 6th grade, remain so instrumental in how I feel about myself and how I took shape. Both of them are owed more than I could ever repay.


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