Sunday, December 12, 2004


This happens every Christmas. I buy all I can think of (or all I can), and then I spend a not-insignificant portion of each day wondering if I should do more. "Did I miss something?" "Would that other thing I saw be better?" I really don't believe it's so much that I want to overload everyone, but more that I'm just in the routine of shopping. Every other day of every other quarter, I teach, come home, nap, pick the children up. With an occasional errand or lunch thrown in. So to have been going places almost daily is, at first, a shock to my system, then, an anticipation. And then, it's done.

Well, except for stockings. Stockings are always a problem. Especially for my son. My daughter --- art pencils, lip gloss, tiny stuffed animals. . . My son --- well, you figure it out.

I am still managing to read quite a bit. Found two books in a row that kept me enthralled. Still knitting, though I imagine my "holiday sales" (if they even rose to that title) are over. Will soon go through stock and pull items to donate to homeless shelters and safe houses for battered women and children.


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