Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Christmas Tree Cometh

Chez Dean is now nearing the end of the holiday-decorating-frenzy with the purchase of a lovely North Carolina Frasier Fir. It was bought and brought home yesterday afternoon, and caused a disheartening portion of last evening to be spent trying to get it to stand lean-free. I am, I admit, grotesquely anal about the Christmas tree standing straight and --- beware today's chore --- the Christmas lights being evenly distributed on the branches.

The leaning struggle wouldn't have been quite so bad except that my new anti-depressant medication is not working. AT ALL. I am no fun to live with by mid-afternoon right now. God Bless My Children.

So we will decorate today. And then the presents will begin appearing, one by one. And it will truly, really, actually feel like Christmas.


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