Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Remarkable Day; An Extraordinary Day


(I so prefer that to "Merry.")

Everyone seems well satisfied with their gifts. Santa did come through with the digital camera for me, along with a set of Marx Brothers DVDS and a mini Yoda figure, which is too hysterically adorable to even talk about.

Son raked in Broadway musicals, video games, DVDs. Daughter anime, manga and a Time Turner necklace. (For the uninitiated, Hermione had one in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.) Both happy with those things, and surprised at the, well, surprises.

It is cold and gray. Next to snow, the best weather for Christmas. Still snowing, according to AOL, in Nashville, but we still plan to head that way Monday.

'Til then, I can knit while I watch the precious Harpo!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Christmas Eve is simply the best day that ever was. The anticipation, the increasing quiet and stillness as everyone heads home. . . I just adore this day.

Here, now, my son is playing a video game, and my daughter is playing with the dogs. All three of us are trying, I know, to think of some way to stay under control, while aching to know what is under the tree. And what might come down the chimney overnight.

My mother is getting snow and ice, which makes us very envious. It will probably be gone by the time we get there, and return after we've left. That's how it always seems to go.

I finished my Vandy scarf yesterday, and the front half of my green poncho. I started a "snake" scarf while watching "A Muppet Family Christmas" last night, and actually got pretty far. That video makes it seem undeniably like Christmas. Tonight, we watch "The Muppet Christmas Carol," as per tradition. Sense a trend?

Today, we bake chocolate chip cookies, try to tear down the ivy on the chimney so that a morning fire might be possible, and otherwise revel in this glorious time.


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Thinking. . .

I'm thinking, I'm thinking I might establish another blog. Not tied to the website. In the last couple of days, I've been reading some knitting blogs, and have been thoroughly entertained, jealous and inspired. Too, I have a sneaking suspicion Santa might be bringing me a digital camera, which would allow me, hopefully, to not only keep this site updated, but display any pictures at all on another blog.

The hard part is a name. Something clever and original. Which, at the moment, stumps me utterly.

In Other News . . .
It is now time for me to knit for myself, the holiday being so close and orders so non-existent. I'm working on a green boucle poncho and a gold and black (Go Vandy!!) scarf. Last night, I packed a couple of projects to take to Nashville with me, as I'll probably have the scarf done today, and always like to have more than one thing to work on. It is snowing there right now, so I don't know how the weather will be for traveling on Monday, but our plan is still to head out that morning.

Son and Daughter very excited now. We are watching our Christmas videos daily, and the mood has turned decidedly holiday-ic. -Ish. Tomorrow we bake cookies, tomorrow night we go to the live Nativity Scene, and then we wait.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sunday and Shari. And Michael.

Don't know why I tend to blog on Sundays. Guess it's something about the quiet inherent in the day. I'm really no more reflective; in fact, most Sundays find me dreading the beginning of another rut week. But today, there is no such foreboding, as all the Deans have been released from academic shackles, and can look forward to no schedules, no formats, nothing but the glorious anticipation of Christmas!

I am particularly happy today because I just received an e-mail from one of my 2 best friends. (Grammatically incorrect, I realize, but the truth.) Shari and I met in junior high school, and I am just crazy about her. She has always been a heroine of mine, along with a fellow Harpo-phile. She and her family have moved quite a bit since we graduated; they are now in Pennsylvania. The great news is that she and I will be in Nashville at the same time over the holidays, and might be able to meet up somewhere. There really is no way for anyone to know how important she has been in my life, and how very much I love her. She and Michael, whom I met in 6th grade, remain so instrumental in how I feel about myself and how I took shape. Both of them are owed more than I could ever repay.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Diminished Supply (Happily)

In the last two days, I've all but emptied my boxes of hats and scarves and washcloths. Yesterday, I took 25 hats to the folks who work at our vet's office. They're remarkable people, and have been wonderful to us and all our animals for years.

And today, I loaded up hats, scarves and washcloths for women at Project Safe, the local domestic abuse shelter. Stopped and picked up my daughter early from school so she could go with me; thought that would be a good experience for her.

I feel good. I can replace everything with yarn I can afford, knitting in a comfortable, safe house. These women are fighting for survival.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


This happens every Christmas. I buy all I can think of (or all I can), and then I spend a not-insignificant portion of each day wondering if I should do more. "Did I miss something?" "Would that other thing I saw be better?" I really don't believe it's so much that I want to overload everyone, but more that I'm just in the routine of shopping. Every other day of every other quarter, I teach, come home, nap, pick the children up. With an occasional errand or lunch thrown in. So to have been going places almost daily is, at first, a shock to my system, then, an anticipation. And then, it's done.

Well, except for stockings. Stockings are always a problem. Especially for my son. My daughter --- art pencils, lip gloss, tiny stuffed animals. . . My son --- well, you figure it out.

I am still managing to read quite a bit. Found two books in a row that kept me enthralled. Still knitting, though I imagine my "holiday sales" (if they even rose to that title) are over. Will soon go through stock and pull items to donate to homeless shelters and safe houses for battered women and children.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Christmas Tree Cometh

Chez Dean is now nearing the end of the holiday-decorating-frenzy with the purchase of a lovely North Carolina Frasier Fir. It was bought and brought home yesterday afternoon, and caused a disheartening portion of last evening to be spent trying to get it to stand lean-free. I am, I admit, grotesquely anal about the Christmas tree standing straight and --- beware today's chore --- the Christmas lights being evenly distributed on the branches.

The leaning struggle wouldn't have been quite so bad except that my new anti-depressant medication is not working. AT ALL. I am no fun to live with by mid-afternoon right now. God Bless My Children.

So we will decorate today. And then the presents will begin appearing, one by one. And it will truly, really, actually feel like Christmas.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

This blog is the only portion of my website which I can seem to keep up-to-date. Despite repeated efforts to add content to my handeye homepage, my message about absent photographs just will not show up. See, I still don't know how to post photos myself, Heather, while extremely amenable, shouldn't be at my beck-and-call every time I sell a hat. So, the pages are way behind --- lots of things have been sold, but the pictures haven't been replaced. Surely folks will know to just e-mail me if they want something, right? I am trying to keep an accurate count of how many of what is available in each category.

There are moments when I wish I hadn't started this. Then someone will say how much they like wearing the scarf they got from me, or how they're often complimented on it. . . And it's alright.

I do have several mittens ornaments finished, and, the other night, I knit a mini-sweater ornament while watching "Judgment at Nuremberg." Well, the ornament and a hat. I was particularly focused and productive that evening.