Sunday, November 07, 2004

The goal of my blog was never to give daily reports on my life. However, I had hoped I'd be a little more conscientious about it than I have been. . .
A severe shoulder injury has dominated this last week. A planned trip to visit dear friends in Virginia hit a wall when I did. Carrying a suitcase down the stairs in our garage, I lost my balance and slammed into the garage wall. Lots of unusual colors did my skin turn, one unusual position did my shoulder take, two furiously disappointed children did I have to face. Followed by a weekend of ice, sling and painkillers.
Knitting, it turns out, cannot be done efficiently or attractively with only one shoulder joint operating. One can read, which I did. Finished 2 books. One must continue to teach, which I did. Driving is painful, too.
But, things seem to be on the mend. The bruise --- more accurately, the BRUISE --- is now mostly mustard yellow, with a border of plum and green. The orthopedist's exercises are boring but helpful. I actually completed a hat and scarf promised a couple of weeks ago.
And now you are up to speed.


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