Friday, November 26, 2004

Thankfulness. . . Continued

Scalloped oysters.

Treasured friends made through the mail.

The Muppets.

Cowboy boots.

Students who try hard.

Vanderbilt University.


Baked potatoes.

Pears and bleu cheese.

Comfortable jeans.

Sunsets over the ocean.

Sunrises over the ocean.





Blank paper and a good pen.


Monday, November 22, 2004

What I Am Thankful For

My children.

My mama and daddy.

Knowing that I can deal with catastrophe and come out the other side.



Every pet I have ever had, or will ever have.

Dr. Pepper.

The day I had the clear indication of what I should do for a living.

My best friends.


Abraham Lincoln and Harpo Marx.


The ability to continue this list as I think of more.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm not sure anyone else out there realizes it, but, next week is THANKSGIVING!!!! Which means we are on a precipitous downhill slide to CHRISTMAS and HANUKKAH!! Where does time go? I've just begun knitting stockings and ornaments; I'll run out of time, won't get them advertised. . .

And yet, isn't the rush and the desperation part of what makes this time of year so wonderful?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The goal of my blog was never to give daily reports on my life. However, I had hoped I'd be a little more conscientious about it than I have been. . .
A severe shoulder injury has dominated this last week. A planned trip to visit dear friends in Virginia hit a wall when I did. Carrying a suitcase down the stairs in our garage, I lost my balance and slammed into the garage wall. Lots of unusual colors did my skin turn, one unusual position did my shoulder take, two furiously disappointed children did I have to face. Followed by a weekend of ice, sling and painkillers.
Knitting, it turns out, cannot be done efficiently or attractively with only one shoulder joint operating. One can read, which I did. Finished 2 books. One must continue to teach, which I did. Driving is painful, too.
But, things seem to be on the mend. The bruise --- more accurately, the BRUISE --- is now mostly mustard yellow, with a border of plum and green. The orthopedist's exercises are boring but helpful. I actually completed a hat and scarf promised a couple of weeks ago.
And now you are up to speed.