Friday, October 08, 2004

My house, while being improved, has not been a haven this week. New siding and gutters have meant lots of cars and trucks around, a dumpster in the side yard, materials strewn about. . . But the worst for me has been the noise. Noise, noise, noise, noise. Hammering, sawing outside, two dogs barking inside at all the hammering and sawing outside. Frayed nerves on lots of creatures' parts. But the job is supposed to be done Monday. And being unable to nap each day has left extra time for knitting. One seed stitch scarf going really well: a stair-step pattern (BO stitches on one end of a row, then CO same number at the other end) in alternating-color blocks. Very fun to knit. The scarf I've been carrying in the car is being brought in for the weekend, else it may never get done. Project #3 is now an earflap hat in stripes. Knit flat, of course. No circulars, please! And double-points are impossible for me. Impossible.


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