Sunday, October 10, 2004

Am I the Only One?

Is there anyone else out there in the knitting universe who doesn't like circular needles? To the point, I mean, of flipping right past a pattern that may be for a great-looking item because you read, "Being careful not to twist stitches, . . ."? I think I have knit one thing on circulars. Yes, I know, no seams, faster, all the arguments have been made to me, most vociferously by my daughter. But I don't like them. And double-points are infinitely more diabolical. Where I can knit with circulars, I have never, never been able to get even one round on dpns. It may have something to do with how I hold the needles when I knit: I literally unhand the right-hand needle to wrap the yarn. It may be a physics issues. Which has grown into a mind block. Which simmers into anger whenever I see the abbreviation: RND.


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